Polymer reinforced Iran

Polymer reinforced Iran



Iran Polymer 

Nirumand Polymer : Iranian Reinforecd Plastics Producer

What are polymers? 

Polymer derived from the olden Greek word polymer has two parts is polys and meros that are meaning many and part, respectively. Polymers are large molecules containing of a large number of small component molecules. Polymers are of major economic and social importance and thus it is essential to understand the appropriate methods for characterizing such materials. Polymers play an enormously important part in modern society and industry. Many Iranian polymers such as polyethylene (low and high density), polyamide (6, 6.6, 11, and 12), and polypropylene are synthesized from their basic monomers via a polymerization process. Iranian polymers are often commonly referred to as thermoplastics, thermosets and elastomers.  Iranian polypropylene (PP) shows a similar structure to Iran PE are the main general purpose thermoplastic and thermoset plastic are commonly used for packaging, automotive, electrical appliances, containers, tubing and household goods. Compounding of Iranian polymers is defined as combinations of materials and consists of two polymers or more polymers and rubbers, fillers and additives. Furthermore, plastic and elastic are polymers that may have their dimensions changed when stressed. When the stress is removed, the polymer returns to its original dimensions and the specimens do not fail.

Polymer reinforced Iran

Nirummand Polymer : Producer of Reinforced Engineering Plastics

Why polymers should be reinforced and Filled by fillers?

Iranian polymers, when used purely, cannot provide all the properties that are expected. Therefore, one of the most effective and least costly solutions to eliminating this weakness is to strengthen the polymers. One of the most commonly used methods to enhance polymers is the use of mineral fillers by filled of polymers. These fillers such as Talcum powder, calcium carbonate, glass fiber in addition to lowering the finished product, also increase some of the properties of the base polymer. For example, increased strength and improved dimensional stability and enhanced toughness of the base Iranian polymer are the benefits of polymer reinforcement. The main reason for amalgamation is economy and it can be help to reduce of cost. Compounds of Iranian polymer possess good impact and mechanical strength, with their suitable mechanical properties being due to the contributing properties and structure of each of their components. Iranian engineering polymers Filled and Reinforced by mineral fillers can be provides chemical resistance, heat resistance and toughness, increase impact and creep resistance. In addition, compounds of polymers such as (additive and more polymer and fillers) are increasingly replacing different material in several applications, in certain engineering Iranian polymers, where the main advantage is cost reduction with improved mechanical properties and better dimensional stability and UV resistance.



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