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Reinforced engineering plastics have superior specification comparing to the conventional plastics. We can reach better properties such as higher impact resistance, flexibility, rigidity, creep resistance, thermal properties, flame resistance, etc.  by using filled and reinforced polymers.

The superior specifications lead the engineering plastics to be used in automotive parts as well as sophisticated industrial parts.

Due to market`s demand to polymers, automotive and special industrial parts, Nirumand  Polymer  Pars  Engineering  Co. has changed his production lines To compounding since 1997, and now it’s well – known as a leading Manufacturer of filled and reinforced engineering plastics in Iran .

We have 7 compounding lines, as well as many accessories and lab equipment for compounding of polymers. Our production capacity is about 14’000 MT/Y. We are one of the 3 major supplier of various engineering plastics in the local market. We have been exporting our products to Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey & Pakistan.


1972: The factory was licensed by ministry of industries for production of Melamine and Plastic home & kitchen ware.

1991: Producing plastic industrial parts, and automotive parts.

1997: Trial of filled and reinforced compounds for automotive parts.

1998: Production of PP compounds with special designed single screw extruder.

2005: Company was awarded for quality management ISO 9001:2000.

2009: Move from the old plant in out of  Tehran to the new site in Abbas Abad industrial zone, 40 km out of Tehran. Twin-screw extruders were installed for engineering compounds reaching to the capacity of 3000 tons of sale.

2010: Improve the productivity and reach to 4000 tons of sale.

2011: Installation of a new compounding line and reaching to the sale of 4800 tones.

2012: Installation of two new compounding lines for CC and reaching to the sale of 4900 tones.

2013: Reaching to the sale of 6400 tones by improving the productivity.

2014: Installation of tandem extruder, reaching to the sale of 9400 tons a year. Awarded for EFQM.

2015: Receiving the certification of 17025 for lab management.  Sale of 10400 tons.




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